Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes


Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes

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Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes
Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes


Today’s your special day. You deserve all you have ever wanted;

but with a friend like me, that can’t have been hard for you to get.

Happy birthday!

Starting our friendship was a lucky stroke. I’ll do my best to make your birthday as awesome as you make my life for knowing you.

This day of your birth reminds me of all the wondrous things we’ve witnessed.

I’ve cherished our exploits and hope many more are coming.

Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes 2
Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes 2


Remember, your birthday isn’t just a mile marker for life.

It’s also a time to honor the entrance of your great personage upon the world stage.

You’ve already got so much going on that my only birthday wish for you is that you stay young and good-looking.

This world is a crazy place. You’ve survived it for another full year.

A birthday is a great way to celebrate that survival.

Happy birthday!

Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes 3
Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes 3


Thank you for being a person who I can feel comfortable talking and sharing my life with.

Here’s hoping that this special birthday breaks down into a chill day and a blazin’ night. Happy awesome birthday to you!

Friends know your nature and love you regardless.

They believe in your dreams despite your history.

You’re a good friend; I wish you the best today.

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Every year serves as a reminder of our friendship’s strength.

When I wish you “Happy Birthday!” I hope it comes true because you deserve it.

I’m not celebrating your birthday until we’re in the same room. It’s weird, you don’t seem any older to me, no matter how much you’ve aged.

Friends like you make life easier. You’ve always been there, pulling me out of dark places. Your birthday is a time to celebrate all those moments.

Remember when we tried beer on your birthday? Even though that was ages ago, you’ve never really aged. Never change because you’re awesome. Happy birthday!

Rejoice! Today marks your entrance upon the world’s stage,

blessing and inspiring all you encounter.

You are a wondrous being, even more, today.


Extinguishing those birthday candles marks another year of bringing joy and betterment to others. Make every year, and every candle, matter. Happy birthday!

I send these birthday wishes to bless you.

May your lucky stars sparkle and all your dreams actualize.

Enjoy today and everything it has for you.

Annually, I repeat the same things: “you’re awesome,” “this is your day,” etc, but you always react as I’ve never said them before. Happy Birthday my friend!

One benefit of growing older is that you can share your love, your wisdom, and your life experience with more people and more allies.

Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes

Words don’t do justice for my joy in celebrating you’re getting older.

I wish you will remain as happy and strong as you are now.

Happy birthday, dearest friend.

I’m not sure I can ever communicate how much you matter.

You’re the reason I enjoy life as much as I do.

Today is for celebrating; I hope your day is laden with love and pleasant surprises.

May this birthday offer the best of memories until next year.

Today’s your birthday, right?

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That means you get a special hat, work on your ice breath, and get cake.

Just remember to remember your birthday wishes.

Happy birthday to the friend who means most to me.

I hope your wishes come true; we both know mine did when we made friends.

We didn’t think the cake needed candles, it was already burned enough.

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are to reflect on your achievements of the last year,

to assess your goal-I’m joking, now cut that cake!


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