Christmas Wishes Text Messages


Christmas Wishes Text Messages

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Christmas Wishes Text Messages
Christmas Wishes Text Messages


No other Christmas gift can be greater than the love you have for me! Seasonal greetings!


There’s one lovely thing about Christmas; like a thunderstorm, it’s compulsory and we all go through it together. Merry Christmas to all.


I would send you a Christmas card, but I forgot how to address an envelope, where to buy stamps and I wanted to save you a trip to your mailbox!


May your fun be large and bills are small this year. Merry Christmas!


This festive season is so much more than Christmas parties and gift-giving. May your Christmas be filled with the true miracles and meaning of this beautiful time.


We wish you a Merry Christmas Good tidings we bring to you and your kin; we wish you a Merry Christmas


Everyone else could have their eyes shut, runny noses, and food in their teeth but if I look thin, it’s a GREAT group photo.


Forget wishing me a Merry Christmas, just come around and jingle my bells!


May all the sweet magic of Christmas conspire to gladden your hearts and fill every desire


Christmas occurs only once a year. The love that I have for you occurs only once in a lifetime.


I’ve finally found verity that means of Xmas, it’s for those that can’t spell Christmas!


Another day, another month, another Christmas, Another ter, another smile, another year, May special memories brighten your Christmas May the joy of Christmas be with you forever.

Christmas Wishes Text Messages 2
Christmas Wishes Text Messages 2

Best Wishes Christmas 

Bless us, oh Lord, this Christmas, with a giving spirit, quietness of mind, and serenity in our hearts, and may all beings be blessed with the same gifts.

This Christmas Baby Jesus invites you to celebrate the spirit of love and peace with all your loved ones.


I hope life treats you kind, and that I hope you have got all you ever dream of, I would like your joy, happiness, peace, and prosperity, however, in particular, this I would like u love this Christmas.


Christmas time is a beautiful time, With lights all red and green, I think it is the prettiest time, That I have ever seen!


May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright merry Christmas. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas


I Whispered A Prayer. For Someone So Dear. Wishing Peace & Hope


Time to celebrate the birth of the only one who could love you more than me. Merry Christmas to you my darling!


Jack Frost called and he can’t wait to kiss your nose under the mistletoe and wish you a Merry Christmas.


If you mistakenly wrap a Christmas present in the paper that says “Merry Christmas”… You can always write “to Jesus” on it.


During this season, have a blast friends. Altogether, I wish you an amazing, thrilling, and chilling Christmas.


Wishing all my family members peace and love this holiday season. May you feel the joy in your home that you bring to me.


Christmas d0es do not come from the pockets, it comes from the heart. It’s not about gifts, rather family and friends. MERRY CHRISTMAS..!



Christmas Wishes Text Messages 3
Christmas Wishes Text Messages 3

Top Christmas Quotes

What can be better than opening presents, eating food and singing Christmas music? Doing all those things with a family like you.


Merry Christmas could you be enclosed by all the items that bring Christmas cheer?


Christmas is really filled with miracles. It makes all my savings evaporate! That’s the Christmas magical Merry Christmas.


Christmas is most genuinely Christmas when we commend it by giving the light of affection to the individuals who require it most.


Thank you for giving me the best gift last year. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


Here comes the tonic for our souls – Christmas! It’s a period to reflect on our lives and work more on giving than taking. It’s an achievement.


Let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart, a wide-open heart that thinks of others first.


Please note: Christmas is canceled. Apparently, you told Santa you have been good this year…he died laughing.


May you feel all the love and joy I have for you throughout this festive season and all year round. Having you as my friend brings me great joy.


Christmas is a day of meaning and traditions, a special day spent in the warm circle of family and friends.


I gauge a person’s wealth by the level of protection on their iPhone. No case, huge salary.


Roses are red so is Santa’s suit, have I told you that I think you’re cute?


Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.


Merry Christmas Quotes For Her

May the sweet magic of Christmas not only fill in your heart and soul but also spreads to your dears. Wishing you a Christmas filled with fun and joy! Merry Christmas.

May the happiness knock on your door and enter your home once you open and linger there for a protracted time. Merry Christmas!

Are you troubled regarding the scale of your Christmas tree? Relax, it’s solely thirty feet tall within the eyes of all kids.


A little bit of laughter, a word that cheers, A little bit of love from someone near, A little gift from once held dear, Best wishes for the auspicious year. These make a Merry Christmas!


Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create memories that will last forever. Jesus is God’s perfect, indescribable gift. The amazing thing is that not only are we able to receive this gift, but we are able to share it with others on Christmas and every other day of the year. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!


Christmas began in the heart of God. It is complete only when it reaches the heart of man.


Christmas won’t feel similar while not you here, however, we have a tendency to would like you an exquisite vacation time with Emma’s family. Miss you already!


May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wishing you lots of love, joy, and happiness. Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas. Wishing That This Holiday Season Lights Up Heart And Home With Joy!


Love is such a wonderful feeling. Waking up to a Christmas morning with the one you love makes it even more exciting. Baby thank you for being such an angel in my life. I love you so much. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Images

Santa made you a list this year… of all the delicious cookies he would like to eat on Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas and happy baking!


My Hanukkah wish is to be in a relationship that lasts longer than eight days.


It’s time to raise u our cups and make a toast, Declaring the earth peaceful and blessed, Goodwill and favor to all mankind, Because Christmas is here again, Merry Christmas everyone


I’m wishing you blessings and joy this Christmas. I am so happy to call you a member of my family and I cherish spending time with you.


Dear Santa, before I try to explain…..just how much do you already know?


We want you and your family a Merry Christmas. could this Christmas usher in numerous happiness in your life and you celebrate with countless fervor!


Christmas is about sharing and spending time with family and friends. It’s about creating happy memories with those you love.


Merry Christmas to the most effective friend ever. Santa knew simply what I needed once he brought you into my life.


Wish you a sweet and lovely Christmas. May this Christmas bring loads of happiness and love in your life.

Christmas Wishes Text Messages

My euphoria is yours today, Furthermore, brilliantly tolerate Inside your heart until Another Christmastide.


You are the one who makes my spirit shine and my heart sing. Wishing you the best Christmas Wishes!


All the snow in Alaska won’t make it ‘white’ unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings – Bing Crosby


Christmas is the season when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money.


May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright merry Christmas. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas

Wish You a Very Merry Christmas

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.


I hate when my customers send angry emails to my boss just because I answered all of their questions with “Google it, fuckface.


That disappointing moment when you realize Santa has the same wrapping paper and handwriting as your parents.


This is the message of Christmas We are never alone!!!


This Christmas I am trying to save a tree by sending a Christmas wish through Whatsapp instead of a Christmas card. Have a very Merry Christmas.


And that’s nearly as good an area as any to finish this assortment of funny greeting card choice of words concepts. Happy Holidays to all or any, and remember… it’s all fun and games till Santa checks the Naughty list.

Christmas Wishes Text Messages

My Christmas wish not only for me and my family but for all of you as well: peace of d, the health of body, the strength of spirit.


The best gifts in life will never be found under a Christmas tree! Those gifts are friends, family, kids, and the one you love!!


Christmas Eve was an evening of song that wrapped itself regarding you prefer a scarf. however, it warms quite your body. It warms your heart and crammed it too with a melody that might last forever.


May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter, and goodwill, And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. Have a Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas To You My Dear, May You Have A Healthy, Successful, And Joyful merry Christmas.


How I wish every morning was a Christmas morning, with lovely Christmas music playing and you, my baby in my arms! I love you, sweets. Merry Christmas to you, my darling.

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May sugarplum fairies dance in your head this Christmas and fill your dreams with white winters, hot cocoa, and a big green Christmas tree.


May the magic and the wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year


Do you know what? I actually waited patiently for 364 days. Yeah! The day comes, I rejoice because great things abound.


Christmas is the time to give gifts to your family and let them know how much you care about them, so that’s what I’m doing.


Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all thirty ft tall.


Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and additionally lovely.


Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create memories that will last forever. Jesus is God’s perfect, indescribable gift. The amazing thing is that not only are we able to receive this gift, but we are able to share it with others on Christmas and every other day of the year.


Thank you for uplifting Pine Tree State to try my best each day. Merry Christmas!


Love is what’s in the stay with you at Christmas in the event that you quit opening presents and tune in


Christmas becomes beautiful when you are by my side. I wish we will be able to carry this beauty throughout the next year as well.


You will feel the true spirit of Christmas When you give up yourself. And you feel fulfilled when you give more and serve others. Merry Christmas!


My favorite part of the holiday season is blaming my long-term weight gain during the holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Wishes Text Messages


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