Friday Motivational Quotes & Images


Friday Motivational Quotes & Images

Happy Friday! Let these Friday Motivational Quotes & Images add an inspirational and encouraging thought to your day. Friday the day before the weekend, the last day of the work …

Friday Motivational Quotes & Images
Friday Motivational Quotes & Images


Positive Friday quotes to inspire you


“I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too. Thursday I don’t care about you. It’s Friday I’m in love with.”- Unknown


“Friday’s a free day. A woman’s day.” – Neil Gaiman


“Making food is a wonderful way to spend a Friday night.” – Chrissy Teigen


“Weekends welcome warriors for social fun that starts on Friday.” – David Chiles


“I know every day is a gift but where are the receipts for Mondays? I want to return it for another Friday.” –Unknown


“Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.” –


“Who cares about Thursday’s happy hour when Friday is upon us?”- Unknown


“That which has been promised comes to those who look forward to Friday.


“Wishes for a Happy Friday, and a happy day for every day of the week.” – Catherine Pulsifer


“Friday is like a green light; you speed up until after work and start to slow down once the light turns yellow.” –Unknown


Friday Motivational Quotes & Images 2
Friday Motivational Quotes & Images 2


Beautiful Friday quotes celebrating the end of the workweek


“There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life.” – Tara Brach


“Your mindset has a direct impact on how you perform in life as well as the quality of the results you get.” – Ian Wallace Harper


“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.”- Stephen Richards


“If you give up on your dreams, what’s left?” – Jim Carrey


“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” – Helen Keller


“Every day may not be good… but there’s something good in every day.”- Alice Morse Earle


“There are no perfect people who can say to the world, ‘I don’t need anybody else.’ We need each other. We were made to work in teams!” – Rick Warren


“The first step is you have to say that you can.” – Will Smith


“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” – Stephen King


“The best is yet to be.” – Robert Browning


Friday Motivational Quotes & Images 3
Friday Motivational Quotes & Images 3


Friday Inspirational quotes


“Associate with people who are likely to improve you.” – Seneca


“No one is perfect – that’s why pencils have erasers.” – Wolfgang Riebe


“Your life is not static. Every decision, setback, or triumph is an opportunity to identify the seeds of truth that make you the wondrous human being that you are.” – Oprah Winfrey


“Change your way of thinking. Use your energy to accomplish more productive things. The choice is yours and it can be made today!” – Garrett Kingston


“If you want the light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining.” – Finley


“Success is a bright sun that obscures and makes ridiculously unimportant all the little shadowy flecks of failure.” – Harold Helfer


“Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before.” – Bonnie Blair


“Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive.” – Matt Cameron


“Positivity always wins…Always.” – Gary Vaynerchuk




It’s finally Friday.


May your Friday sparkle.


Happiness is a day. It’s called ‘Friday’.


If Friday had a face, I would kiss it.


Do you know what rhymes with Friday? WINE.


Thursday, move out of my way and let Friday come already.


Memo to everyone I know: It’s Friday, so I will not be doing any work-related activities until I sober up.


I hope that your day is blessed with happiness and joy. Happy Friday!


Every Friday, I feel like I deserve a new addition to my closet for all my hard work during the week.


Friday is my second favorite F-word. My first is food, definitely food.


Who cares about Thursday’s happy hour when Friday is upon us?


May God bless you more and more with each passing Friday.


I haven’t been this excited about Friday since last Friday.

Friday Motivational Quotes & Images




Oh, hello Friday. Where the heck were you on Wednesday when I really needed you?


If Friday were a person, it would always be the center of attention.


Leaving work on Friday. Amazing little feeling.


It’s Friday! I can’t wait to be ashamed of what I do this weekend.


Random outbursts and sudden giggles can only mean one thing: it’s Friday!


Friday? Is that you? I can’t believe how long it took for you to come back.

Good Friday Quotes For Facebook

Monday could disappear, and I wouldn’t shed a tear, but Friday, you’re too dear to my heart ever to fall apart.


Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous.


How do you know it’s Friday? Look at everyone around you counting down the seconds until the weekend starts.


Friday afternoon feels like Heaven.


Hi Friday, I’ve been looking for you since Monday.


Happy Friday everyone! May your weekend be full of adventure and cheer, and may the start of next week belong ways from here.

Motivational Quotes & Images


Wishing you all a Happy Friday forget about all bad things, your troubles and the drama others have brought into your life. Enjoy today and look forward to a weekend full of smiles.


I wish it was Friday, so I could bask in the glory that is the weekend.


Smile! It’s Friday and time to party the weekend away.


Friday is like a green light; you speed up until after work and start to slow down once the light turns yellow.


It doesn’t need to be a great day as long as it is Friday.


If I had one wish, it would be to remove Monday and replace it with a second Friday.


I always wished that I could have another Friday added to the middle of the week.

Friday Motivational Quotes

May your coffee be strong & hot and your Friday at work short.


Dear Friday, I am ready for all of the adventures that the weekend promises.


Friday is like a cold beer that lasts all night through Saturday and Sunday before being cut off by the miserable Monday.


It’s Friday. Any plan of being a productive member of society is officially thrown out the window.


Employers are at their happiest on Mondays. Employees are at their happiest on Fridays.


Happy Friday, dear friend! Enjoy this day, and may God continue to pour out his richest love upon you. Have a blessed day today.


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