Good Morning Wishes for Friends


Good Morning Wishes for Friends

Looking for Best, Good Morning Wishes for Friends makes special good morning to your loved one and make the day special for them with morning Love messages, good morning messages for friends with pictures, morning wishes for him. ‘Good Morning’ Quotes and Sayings good morning friends, Good Morning Images to Wish You and People You Love the Best Day. 

"Good Morning Wishes for FriendsGood morning!


Whether it is a headache, sickness, or hangover, the worst of mornings becomes cute and happy when I think of a wonderful friend like you. I hope you will receive this message with lots of happiness. Good morning friend!


As the breeze from the morning air touches your face, always have it in mind that someone far away is thinking of you and wishing you a great day ahead. Good morning!


All people have rough patches sometimes. But I feel really blessed because I have a very supportive and careful friend who is always by my side no matter what. Wish you a wonderful day, chap. You deserve it.


Sweet Good Morning Messages for Friends

Don’t want to wake up my bed, don’t want to go to work. All I want to do is writing text messages to my best friend all day long. What can be better than this? Only talking to you in reality! Can’t wait to see you. A great day to you!


Every new day is like a painting.

Morning is a white sheet of paper and it is up to you,

What the painting will be at the end of the day.

I wish you to draw a masterpiece!


While I’m still lying in bed, my head is spinning around you, I’m afraid to close my eyes any longer, because I know I will miss a moment of you, good morning honey!

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Know that even when I’m not in bed next to you, I still think about you, and I hope that you have an amazing day, because if you aren’t smiling and being happy, neither am I!


I’m so happy to see you in the morning. When you smile, it brightens my day just like the morning sun… what am I saying? It brightens it even more!


Good morning SMS for friends

Know what, pal? Life is great. Sitting here, drinking coffee, and watching the sunrise brings me so much pleasure. There is only one little thing I regret: you’re not here with me. Hope you are having a delightful morning too.


Waking up in the morning, and seeing you not there, makes me think, what if I lost you, but then you walk from the kitchen with coffee and cookies and I feel so lucky to have you!


Having to feel someone next to you in bed hug you, kiss you good morning is the best feeling ever, and tell “have a great day” is even better.


Whenever you wake up in the morning think of some nice memories, remember those wonderful things that happened and the kind people surrounding you.

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Waking up in the morning and seeing the love of your life sleeping next to you, is the most satisfying thing in the world, but seeing her opening her eyes and giving you the first glance, is even more satisfying…


Happiness is a wonderful gift for those who think good thoughts every morning. So open your eyes, wake up and welcome today with love and a sweet smile. Good morning!


The morning is just like painting, all you need is an inspiration to start, a smile to brighten it, and a message from someone who thinks about you.


A perfect day starts with

A cute smile on your face,

A cup of hot coffee in your hands

And a text message from me,

Saying “Good morning, have a nice day!”


Get up and open your window,

The sun is smiling for you,

And birds are singing for you,

Because I asked them to wish you good morning!

Enjoy the day!


One of the best things in life

Is to wake up in the morning

And know that there is someone,

Who cares enough

To send a nice good morning message to you.

Have a great day!


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Every new day you have two options:

Continue sleeping and see sweet dreams,

Or wake up and seek your dreams!

Night fades and a new day starts,

The sun has risen and wakes you up,

Don’t frown, jump out of bed,

Open the window and smile instead!

Get up! Get up!


This day gives you a present of 24 hours,

Make the most of them!

Open one eye, then the other,

Go to the mirror and smile to yourself,

And then you will see that

Everything around you is getting better when you are smiling.

Good morning, have a great day!


Sending the warmest wishes your way,

Let them light up your day

Just like morning sun rays!

Morning is a great time to think about

All the good things in your life

And all the people that you truly love.

So wake up with all those sweet thoughts

And have a beautiful day!

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I’m so happy to have a friend like you because I don’t have to come up with inspirational good morning texts: you just don’t need ones. You are gifted and strong enough to make every day special without any extra support. Rise and shine!


I wish I was with you right now to share some morning coffee while talking about our dreams and being silly. I can’t do it, but I can wish you a great and productive day and a peaceful and warming evening.


As you read this message, just know that someone who wrote this loves and appreciates you very much. I hope that this will help you to get through the day with the biggest smile on your beautiful face.


Every morning when I wake up, I see the Sun shining through my dark curtains, and that reminds me of you, mate. You enlighten my darkest days with your presence, and I want you to remember that I love and appreciate you very much.


Wishing you to succeed in all that you planned for today, and may everything succeeds. Don’t be ever derailed, never give up, stand up tall and remember that I am always with you.


Today I woke up and felt like I need to say something important to you. I wanted to remind you that having you in my life is the biggest blessing I’ve ever received. I hope that you start your day with a smile. Top of the morning to you!


I wish you lots of happy moments all day long,

And I just had one by thinking about you.


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