Happy Birthday Wishes for Everyone in Your Life


Happy Birthday Wishes for Everyone in Your Life

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Everyone in Your Life
Happy Birthday Wishes for Everyone in Your Life

I wish you Fun, Fun, Fun, and Joy, Joy, Joy!

Cake, check. Decorations check. Tacky party hats, check. Birthday girl, oh no!!

Sorry, you were busy on your birthday, but we are all wishing you the best.

If you don’t like a gift, be polite, and say thank you. Except for mine.

I want you to cry with joy and maybe scream a little.

Happy Birthday to one who is smart, talented, sophisticated, and beautiful.

What more could you possibly want? Just kidding, there’s a gift in the bag.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Everyone in Your Life 2
Happy Birthday Wishes for Everyone in Your Life 2


Happy Birthday Wishes for Everyone in Your Life

I’m sorry I couldn’t get you the pony you always wanted.

But I came with an unlimited supply of piggyback rides.

My best wishes for your Birthday!

I heard you started a low carb diet. So instead of a cake,

here’s a burger with your name in mustard. Happy Birthday.

Forget your years! Count your birthday wishes! 😀 Birthday.

The best things in life are free, but chocolate-covered is good too.



Happy Birthday to the world’s greatest chocoholic.

So don’t be surprised if we sing “Mary had a little Lamb” instead.

My best wishes for your birthday!

Congratulations! You’ve made it through another year of life and friendship.

Here’s to seeing more together.

Happy Birthday Images For Men

On your birthday you can dance like no one is watching- and then say you were getting an itch. Happy Birthday to the King of the dance floor!

Gifts, cake and the best friends ever.

Don’t worry about blowing out the candles, you got it all! 😀 Birthday!

I heard you like ’em tall, dark and rich. Here’s a chocolate layer cake, Happy Birthday!

On your next birthday, you are turning…the front of this card.

Chocolate is healthy. Exercise is healthy.

Therefore eating chocolate cake as fast as you can is healthy.

Happy Birthday!

Birthday trivia:

In Denmark, birthday gifts are piled around children’s bed so they can wake up surrounded by their presents. Makes you want to sleep on the table, don’t you think?

They say you are what you eat. I agree.

You are as sweet as your birthday cake. Happy loving Birthday.

A day that is finally entirely about you.

Don’t get used to it, life goes back to normal tomorrow. Just kidding!

Kick your feet up, relax, and stay in your pajamas!

Wait don’t you do that every day? Happy birthday to the world’s greatest man!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Everyone in Your Life

What are all of these candles doing on your cake?

I thought you said you were only turning 29 again this year?

Have a spectacular day today.

Mom, we were going to sing you a happy birthday but all the smoke from the candles smoked us out of the house. Just Kidding! Love you!

We didn’t pay these firemen to show up at your birthday party,

they saw the flame from your cake and rushed right over! 😀 B-Day to you!

Don’t forget that your age doesn’t determine who you are.


Your only job is to love me! Happy birthday my Love!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Everyone in Your Life.

Light can never shine as bright as you can.

Here’s to another year of brightening other people’s lives.

You are like a rainbow: you have always been around,

yet can always bring a smile to someone.

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You deserve to have a happy birthday for making everyone else around you happy.

Life is short, but love is its eternal gift. Cherish that gift.

May this day make you an even better person!

I am so happy to have you beside me! My warmest wishes for this day!

Congratulations on another successful year.

Here’s wishing for another happy one.


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