Happy Friendship Day Wishes


Happy Friendship Day Wishes 

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Happy Friendship Day Wishes Quotes Photos
Happy Friendship Day Wishes Quotes Photos


Happy Friendship Day 2020 Messages

Hey crazy buddies! Words cannot do justice with how grateful I am to have such supportive friends in my life. Thanks a ton for being with me all the time when I needed you the most!


Life could be something without love, but it is nothing without friends. Happy Friendship Day!


I am thankful to God for making the relationship of friendship free from judgment and prejudices. Happy friendship to all my lovely friends!


From strangers we became friends, and then best friends, but we weren’t able to hold things up and at last it was our friendship that paid the cost.

Happy Friendship Day Wishes Quotes Photos 2
Happy Friendship Day Wishes Quotes Photos 2


The real friend is the one who criticizes you on your face and praises behind your back. I am more than lucky to have such friends in my life. Happy friendship day peeps!


Books are like the oldest friends Which are kept aside for new friends!


The single quality of friendliness is greater than millions of friendship bonds. If you are friendly to the existence, the entire existence will become your friend!


My friend I can’t appraise you how much you mean to me If you weren’t with me I can’t imagine where I’d even be…


Real friends steal your food, give you terrible birthday bumps, spend your pocket money, and stand strong during the tough time. Only formal friends act decently and not crazy.

Friendship Day Images Quotes

Happy Friendship Day Wishes Quotes Photos 3
Happy Friendship Day Wishes Quotes Photos 3


Friendship is not the only gunship it’s a responsibility. Happy Friendship Day!


True friends are like a ray of light in the darkness. You can’t see them all the time, but when you see them, your whole world light up. Happy friendship day!


It is not important to have a long list of friends on FB & Whatsapp…

but it’s important to have some friends who can read your face like a book and ask what’s up.


An ideal friendship should be like Oogy and the cockroaches. They fight each other, annoy each other, but they can’t live without each other. Happy friendship to all my near and dear friends!


Friendship is not about just one day but is a lifetime commitment. let’s make it a tad more special… Happy Friendship Day!


Friends fill an incomplete part of your life who nobody else can fill except true friends!


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My dear friend,

Stop Weeping those Sadful Tears.

Forget the past and those Lonely Years.

There’s something in your Heart,

That’s Weighing heavy on your Mind.

I can Share My Dreams,

U can even have My Hand.

My FRIENDSHIP will remain,

the Best of its Kind. Your Cheeks are Wet,

from those Drops of Tears.

Your BEST FRIEND is Here, to Wash away your Fears.

Clouds could Fall, from the Sky.

Rivers could Disappear or even Dry.

But My Promises to U, Will remain the Same.

It’s built on Our Trust and also My Name.




Your future entirely depends on two quintessential things: kind of friends you have and the types of books you read.


My best friend is the one with whom I can pace out the darkest streets exchanging the moonlit thoughts… Happy Friendship Day!


All you need are two things to live the most happening life; a loving family to support your dreams and good friends to have your back at the right moments. Happy friendship day!



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