Heart Touching Love Poetry


Heart Touching Love Poetry

Heart Touching Love Poetry Find some of the Sweet Love Messages, best sweet love messages and send to your lover. Use the messages to express your…

Heart Touching Love Poetry
                                                                 Heart Touching Love Poetry

“I love your soft kisses.
I love your soft touch.
love the way you bite your lip.

I love you so much.
I love the way you look at me.
love the way you smile.
love the way you’re shy sometimes,
Every once and a while.
I love it when you look at me When I’m not looking at you.

Heart Touching Love Poetry 2
                                                                   Heart Touching Love Poetry 2

You think I do not realize it,
But really… I do.
love the way you cuddle.
I love the way you rub your neck
when you are thinking so deep.
I love all of you,
Your nose, your lips, your hair, your feet.
I will never stop loving you.
You are so amazingly sweet.
I have loved you from the very start.
now hand you the key to my heart.”

Heart Touching Love Poetry 3
                                                           Heart Touching Love Poetry 3

“I love my eyes
When you look into them.
I love my name
When you whisper it
And love my heart
When you love it.
I love my life,
Because you are a part of it.”

“You gave light to my soul

You helped me to be whole
I have felt love for you before
And it will be more and more,
You are mine, my dear
You are the angel from above
Who taught me how to love.
Please, forever keep me near.”

“I can’t say I love you. But it’s hidden deep inside of me.
I can’t say I need you. But it hurts every time you leave me.
I wish that I could express what really is true.
More and more I find myself hiding the way I feel for you”

“You are a desire…
A desire that I want to be fulfilled, yet glowing and alight,
A desire that I want to burn in my heart each night.
You are a dream…
A dream that entered my heart without any warning,
A dream that I want to wake up with each morning.

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