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With just a smile, you’ve totally changed the course of my life.

I would totally choose late night conversations with you over crazy parties with my friends.

You are a book that I could never put down and stop reading.

It’s not the pretty face or the gorgeous body; it’s the heart and soul that hooked me.

Where did you come from? Heaven? Because every moment with you seems surreal.

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Love may be painful, but it has its beautiful rewards.

I love sleeping very much, but I don’t mind losing some of it as long as I can talk to you longer.

My heart goes ‘whoa, wow, oh, whoa’ whenever your name comes up on my screen.

It started with a simple fancy, and then it turned into a beautiful friendship. Now, I am falling.

Help me! I’m falling and drowning in your love.

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If loving you too much is fatal, I don’t mind losing my life over it.

There are rules but you’ve broken every single one of them.

I just can’t stop checking my phone for your messages.

I’d rather be stuck on a deserted island than be with someone who makes me feel empty.

Thank you for gracing my life with the magic of ‘you.’

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The heart that loves stays forever young.

Don’t fill your life with hating. Color it with love.

Love should not imprison. Love should set you free.

I Love is not to possess the other person. Love is to appreciate the person for everything he/she is.

You have no idea what’s going on inside me whenever I see you.

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