Valentine Day Wishes for Lover


Valentine Day Wishes for Lover

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Valentine Day Wishes for Lover
Valentine Day Wishes for Lover

Words will fail to describe my love for you. One life would be too short to live with you. Happy valentine’s day.


Nothing is more important and precious than you in my life. I love you forever. Happy Valentine’s Day baby!


Every beat of my heart tells me how much I love you. It is impossible to live without you. Happy Valentine’s Day my sweetheart.


This world is beautiful because you breathe in this world. Thank you for being my Valentine. Let’s celebrate love together.


I can never imagine how I got so lucky to get the opportunity to count you as one of my greatest blessings. Happy valentine’s Day. Babe.


Whenever your thoughts cross my mind, my heart starts beating faster. I’m really missing you on valentine’s day! Sending my love to you!

Valentine Day Wishes for Lover 2
Valentine Day Wishes for Lover 2

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I am not a camera but I’m really good at picturing us together. I wish I could show them to you. Happy valentine’s day!


Love doesn’t follow any rule, it is a feeling that comes from the core of your heart and plays its tricks. Happy valentine’s day.


Love is the fuel for the heart, soul, and mind, without which life would be a meaningless monotony. Happy valentine’s day.


Life without love is simply like the moon without stars, flowers without smell, and a sky without sun. Wishing you a great life full of love on this valentine’s day.


I am taking advantage of this valentine’s day to tell you that you are the most important person in my life who is responsible for my heart beating so graciously. I love you my valentine.

Valentine Day Wishes for Lover 3
Valentine Day Wishes for Lover 3

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I hope you understand deep in your heart that my love will still be strong even when all of your hair is grey. I love you so much, Happy Valentine’s Day


You have managed to get through the walls I had put around my heart and made me fall in love with myself even more. Thank you, dear love.

I will always be there for you when you need me. Love you like crazy. Happy valentine’s day.


We are simply one soul in two-body; may our love grow stronger with the days passing by. Happy valentine’s day.


Happy valentine’s day to the love of my life; with you, I have lived the heavenly moments of life.


On this lovely day, I’m sending all my love to you and cherish all the moments I was in your arms, in your warm hugs. Happy valentine’s day.


I love the thoughtful way you pamper me with your warm smile and the joy that you bring into my life every day. Happy valentine’s day.


The way you nurture my heart and soul is something I always dreamt of having. Love you the most.

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Happy Valentine’s day, handsome. In you, I have found my lover, best friend, and soul-mate.


To my favorite human, happy Valentine’s day. You are a blessing I will always cherish.


Happy Valentine’s day, my special one. Your love makes me feel over the moon.


Your hugs make me feel safe in all my despair. Being your girlfriend is the best feeling I could ever have. Happy Valentine’s Day handsome.

Valentine Day Wishes for Lover

Since you step into my life, everything seems brighter and happier. You are the man that I love, and cannot imagine being without. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Dear boyfriend, thank you for making my life exciting and happening. Forever grateful to the Almighty for sending you into my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Maybe I am not your first love or first kiss, but all I want to be your last destination in life. Happy valentine’s day.

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You swept me off my feet yet support me in everything I dreamt of. Happy Valentine’s day my macho man.


“You and I” are the perfectly fitted jigsaw puzzle. If one is lost, the other has no worth. Lost of love to my forever valentine and prince charming.


Bring more butterflies in my stomach by loving me back on this valentine’s day. I love you my dearest boyfriend.

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Everyone

Happy valentine’s day. Make sure you spend this day with your loved one!


On this special day, I wish that you find your true love for life and your life be blessed with happiness. Happy Valentine’s day.


May your life be filled with the gifts of love on this year’s Valentine and may the charm of love stay with you forever. Happy valentine’s day.

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May this valentine’s day you are showered with love, unlimited kisses, and hugs from your loved ones. Have a great Valentine’s Day everybody.


I wish not a single soul on this earth died without being loved. Happy Valentine’s day. Let’s spread love.


May this auspicious day bring joy, happiness, and tons of love for you. Happy valentine’s day.

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Accept my heartfelt greetings on this day. Make the best out of this valentine’s day and know that you’re very special to me. Happy valentine’s day.


Let the power of love take control of your life today. Happy valentine’s day.


Wishing you a very sweet Valentine’s day and a graceful love-life. Happy valentine’s day.


Achieve great things with your sweetheart in your life and make your love an example. Happy Valentine’s day people.


Celebrating the heart’s day with the one I hold close to my heart is nothing but an amazing experience. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear!


Every day is a great day for me to celebrate our bond and the unconditional love we share. May this beautiful journey with you stays forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Day Wishes for Lover


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