WhatsApp Status Love Video – Song Download


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My heart beats ten times faster whenever you are around.

Be with someone who will do everything to make you happy.

You deserve every single genuine love from that special someone. Don’t settle for less.

When it touches your soul and warms your heart unlike any other, don’t let it go.

Love is an immeasurable force that has no length, no depth nor weight.

WhatsApp Status Love Video – 1


If someone will ask me what I love most about my life, my answer will always be –YOU!

Foolish heart, will you ever listen?

Love is simple. It’s the people who set hurdles on it.

All I need is to see your sweet smile and I can make it through anything.

WhatsApp Status Love Video Song Download


If Superman’s weakness is kryptonite, mine is tears falling from your eyes.

Every love story is unique in its own ways but ours is the one I love the most.

Dear Crush, please don’t crush my little fragile heart.

The moment I wake up, thoughts of you sweep my mind.

I don’t mind waiting as long as I can finally be with you.

I am vitamin ‘U’ deficient.

love status download


When I see you, electricity and fire courses through my veins.

My heart beats and ticks and soars at the sight of you.

If I could dedicate every sappy love song in the world to you, I would.

Ever since I met you, people told me I have changed. I became corny, cheesy, and dreamy.

I don’t mind doing foolish and crazy things as long as I can do it with you.

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WhatsApp Status Love Video – Song Download


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